Railroad Crossing on Court Avenue

I would like to take a moment to address the concerns of numerous citizens in regards to the railroad crossing on Court Ave.

The tracks at the Court Avenue crossing have been inspected by the railroad company.

in downtown Selmer. I understand the nature of the complaints in regards to the crossing at that location and the fear of damaging a vehicle and just the aggravation the crossing may cause some of you. While I may be sympathetic to the argument I am constrained as to what can be done to alleviate these concerns. I, as Mayor of Selmer, have done my due diligence in addressing this issue that’s so important to so many of you and unfortunately do not have a solution but I do have answers. I met with the TDOT railway inspector on Thursday morning , March 17th, to get some answers in regards to this crossing. What I found out is that our crossing, while not the best, is rated as “Fair” and not “Poor” condition ,the inspector was kind enough to show us photos of track crossings in “Poor” condition and they did appear to be in substantially worse condition than our crossing. The inspector did, however, make me aware that this crossing is inspected every 6 months due to it being rated at “Fair” and also that the rail company is responsible for the upkeep of both the crossing and the approach within 10 feet of the crossing. I am attaching the correspondence I received from the TDOT rail inspector and encourage everyone to contact me with any future concerns in regards to the operations and condition of our town. I look forward to moving us as a community forward.

Thank You,
Mayor Sherry Inman

To all concerned,

This crossing was inspected in January and again today, 3-17-22, and both times found to be in “fair” condition and in compliance with all state laws, rules, and regulations.
There are three categories for public crossings.

  • Good: no actions need taken.
  • Fair: inspect every six months with detailed findings.
  • Poor: in violation of a particular state law, written up and reported to the maintaining railroad.

While inspecting this crossing, vehicles were observed traveling anywhere from 5 MPH to @ 50 MPH over this crossing in a 35 MPH speed zone. While we all wish for perfectly smooth driving surfaces, TDOT Rule 1680-9-2-04 Specification of Safety Standards in Terminals, Yards, and Along Rights-of-ways-Walkways (2)(c) calls for a REASONABLY smooth surface.
No actions from West Tennessee Railroad need to be taken at THIS time, but this crossing will be inspected every six months.

Gregory Tucker I Railroad Safety Specialist
Freight & Logistics Division
p. 615-626-0697

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