Rockabilly Murals

he Rockabilly Murals were painted by Nashville artist Brian Tull. Tull, a McNairy County native,  is well-known for his photorealistic images depicting the 1930s through 1950s. Tull is the son of Leo and Phyllis Tull of Selmer. View the artists’ website. The Tennessee Arts Commission funded a grant by Arts in McNairy to sponsor the public art and murals in Rockabilly Park. The grant provided $23,000 in funding toward the murals and metalwork at the park.

Mural 1 is located  on the exterior wall of 124 West Court Avenue and Second Street. Painted in 2009 as part of the festivities to rename Hwy. 45 the Rockabilly Highway.

Artist Brian Tull

Mural II is located on the exterior wall of Judge Van McMahan’s Law Firm at 109 West Court Avenue. Painted in 2012 and located next to the Rockabilly Park in downtown Selmer.

Rockabilly mural in Selmer, Tennessee